Book of Ra Game Overview

While discussing Book of Ra online slots, it is more probable than not that they are referring to the redesigned Book of Ra Deluxe. Lovers of the original game need not worry; the only alterations are that the Deluxe edition adds an additional payline and reduces the really ludicrous choice of coin sizes in the original game.


All of the Egyptian charm from the original edition of the game remains, and the experience is just as simple and enjoyable as it was before. This review of Book of Ra (that’s the Deluxe edition) should help you choose whether or not you might enjoy this game.


Locate casinos that offer Book of Ra Deluxe

Check out the extra round in the game.

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Nice big jackpot


This is a wonderful reward for an older game.


Casino 96% RTP


It has a rather low variance.


Expanding chip symbols in the bonus round


Helpful for accumulating further victories


Check for Autoplay availability


Give your finger a rest and let the game play itself out.


Pros Exciting Egyptian motif

Solid fixed jackpot

Positive bonus round

Very straightforward to play

a restricted number of paylines

Obsolete visuals

Essential Aspects of Book of Ra Examined


This famous 5-reel slot game features an Egyptian theme.

This game is reminiscent of traditional Egyptian-themed slot machines commonly seen in brick-and-mortar casinos, and there’s something about it that compels you to play until you score a large win. Yet, this may be easier said than done…


Perhaps it’s simply a run of poor luck, but Book of Ra triumphs have been difficult to come by for us. This is a game of chance, and it’s far too simple to lose your whole bankroll in a matter of minutes if you allow yourself to settle in for a few minutes of play.


Still, it is simple to enjoy spending time while spinning the reels. After all, one never knows when good fortune may strike… We believe it’s a good idea to play a Book of Ra slot machine for free before wagering real money, so that you can determine the optimal coin value, number of lines, etc.


An improvement over the hieroglyphics on tomb walls!

Although the Book of Ra casino game’s visuals are unremarkable, they are nevertheless pleasing. Alongside the standard A, K, Q, J, and 10 are a magical book and other valuables. Be mindful of the explorer – but don’t name him Indiana Jones! – as he is the source of the greatest wins.


A jackpot you’ll want to capture with all your might

With a whopping 50,000, the Book of Ra jackpot is nothing to scoff at. But, for a game that appears to have a significant degree of unpredictability, we believe you may expect a bit more bang for your money.


Additionally there are just 10 paylines, which isn’t a lot, so you’ll have to be incredibly lucky to score that elusive jackpot. In fact, for the same reason, victory may be hard to come by in Book of Ra…which just makes it the more exciting when you do land a huge one.


Use maximum credits to play like a Pharaoh.

There are several reasons why, in our opinion, Book of Ra slots should be played with the maximum number of credits. For instance, while it will not increase your odds of winning, it will maximize the amount you may win in the bonus round without multipliers.


Yet with only 10 possible paylines, you won’t have to break the cash to cover them all. As stated earlier, though, it is prudent to use free play to determine how much you may anticipate to pay on each spin based on the length of time you want to play.


Take Egypt wherever you travel.

Any Book of Ra online slot review must account for mobile play, since this is one of those slots that feels tailor-made for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets; its basic design and Gamble feature work exceptionally well on tiny displays.


As long as the casino you’re playing at offers a mobile version of Book of Ra Deluxe, you may carry a little piece of Egypt with you everywhere you go. And, based on our experience, the majority of them do!


The Book of Ra Deluxe appears to be required reading!

Any Book of Ra slot machine review must acknowledge the game’s status as a cult favorite among many players. The game is simple to play, yet offers enough action to keep you going back for more.


There’s a reason why so many gamers return to it again and again despite its lack of aesthetic appeal and deteriorating condition. Get yourself set for what may be a lengthy playing session, moderate your expenditure per spin accordingly, and prepare to be transported to ancient Egypt!